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New Customers must deposit funds first to activate their Pay Per Click Service.
Once payment is fully settled and verified 24-48hrs, you will recieve a welcome email with registration information.
The welcome email will contain a link to register your Pay Per Click Account, once verified within 24hrs you can begin adding links.
New Links or Modified Links take 24hrs to verify.
Regular customers can simply continue to deposit funds and they will be applied to their account once payment is verified.

Pay Per Click Search Results Demonstration Screenshots.
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All listings must abide by our website listing guidelines.

Search Results Screenshot
A screenshot of the pay per click search results show pay per click listings, listed above the regular search results. This is a similar view of what online viewers worldwide will see when you are in the top bidding spots. Results which appear in the above sections of the regular results have a slightly different design. Having a different design shows and draws special attention to interested viewers. Viewers tend to read this result out of curiosity to check relevance to the words they searched with.

Pay Per Click Search Results

Control Panel Screenshot
Once you login, you will be welcomed to your marketing control panel. In this control panel you can control, manage, and view such things as:
Account Details
Links or Listings
Make a Payment
View Account History

Pay Per Click Control Panel
Keyword Management
Your keyword management page gives you the options to edit or add your listings, add keywords, place bids, lookup current bids, review your current rank, and delete your keywords or listings.
Bid On Keywords & Manage Your Listings
Visitor Summary and Current Account Balance
Review clickthroughs of visitors as well as your pay per click performance and account history.

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